Dinki Dreams

Designed with your baby in mind



Size 2 = 2lb, Size 3 = 3lb, Size 4 = 4lb

Dinki Vest:

Size 2 – width 14cm, length 23cm

Size 3 – width 15cm, length 25cm

Size 4 -width 16cm, length 26cm

Dinki suit & Crossover suit

Size 3 – width 16cm,  length 35cm

Size 4 – width 17cm,  length 36cm


The 100% soft cotton material used to make the Dinki clothes does stretch allowing for extra room in the suits.

The necks have been designed with a ‘V’ to allow for room and movement of the head and not restrict the neck.

The arm holes in the Dinki Vest have been made to leave room for babys arms to move freely up and down without restriction.

So Difficult To Find Clothes That Fitted

Group-1On bringing our son home we eventually had the odd minute to find him some baby clothes, I was disappointed many times when the clothes arrived and didn’t fit because they were still too big.

The sizing of the clothes was one of the most important things I wanted to get correct and with the help of nurses from a special baby care unit we eventually got there. But finding clothing for a premature baby was not easy.

The input from the nurses was very important with regards to the sizing and ease.

What You Find Out!

As you will already know, each baby is different. My son was born at just under 4lbs but he was a very small 4lbs. He fitted 3 1/2 lb baby suits but was quite long so some of the smaller suits were too short for his legs. This is one of the reasons I decided to make the Dinki suits footless.

The Dinki Suits are available from 3lb upwards so will fit even the smallest baby. They’ll look good and be comfortable for baby as well. If you’re a parent of a preemie you’ll know their skin can be very sensitive so only the softest, natural cotton will do.

It was discussed at length with nurses from a SCBU the benefits of a vest compared to suits with regards to 2lb babies.

2lb Babies generally don’t wear long sleeved or legged suits due to the delicate nature of their skin. We have provided only a vest at the very smallest baby clothes size for this reason.

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