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premature baby clothesOur range of premature baby clothes has been designed with the issue of PICC, IV, monitor wires, tubes and ease of dressing whilst in an incubator in mind.

We have three designs for this purpose, as we well know, you feel very nervous tugging a tiny arm or leg through a normal baby suit or vest and even more nervous when the tiny arms and legs are smaller than usual with monitors and wires attached to them.


It was this situation that led onto the use of popper openings on the arms and legs of our tiny baby clothing. The clothing opens up flat so baby can be placed onto it with minimal disturbance to PICC & IV wires and monitors. These can be fed out of the arms and legs with ease.

The designs have been thought out using my direct experience of having had and dealt with a preemie.

Having been through this myself, I have designed the range to make your life a little easier.

The Dinki Cape and Cosy Bag are must have items that you won’t want to be without.

We have had help from nurses at NICU & SCBU to get our sizes and designs just right.

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