Dinki Dreams

Designed with your baby in mind

How Dinki Dreams came to be

Awaiting the arrival of your little one is exciting and you want nothing but the best for them when they arrive.

Group-1No-One Expects A Premature Baby

I couldn’t wait to put the first outfit on my son but unexpectedly he arrived early and weighed 3lb 14oz.  I had no idea I was going to have a premature baby and it was something I just wasn’t prepared for.

After the initial shock of such a tiny baby, and once he was settled into the special care baby unit, we were thrown into a routine we hadn’t foreseen and in truth had never thought of.

There is nothing more upsetting than leaving your new bundle in a hospital and returning home without them. For ten days we spent all our time either at the Special Baby Unit or at home asleep. There was certainly no time to scour the internet for tiny baby clothes to fit our new son.

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My Motivations

It was this situation that spurred me on to design small baby clothes that I wish had been available when my son was born.

I found there were a few retailers with limited products and colours, usually pink and blue. I decided to create a wider range of prem baby clothing with more variety of colours. You can read all about how I started Dinki Dreams by clicking here.

It was also a shock at how delicate the tiny little bundle was and trying to change him with wires and tubes attached made my husband and I nervous. I discovered that it would have been far easier and a lot less disruptive if it was possible to open his baby suit and get his arms and legs in and out without having to detach all the tubes.

Examples of Clothing

I am sure you will love the Cosy bag. It’s brilliant for those times you are out as a family and baby is asleep in his pram. Being born in the summer I wanted my baby to be warm and cosy without being smothered in blankets, this would have been the perfect solution. It is designed so you can lift baby out to feed without disturbing their cosiness. It’s particularly useful when you are away from home.

Due to the possibility of smothering, it is not recommended to use this when unsupervised or in a cot without supervision.

small baby cape blueThe Dinki Cape is very popular for babies in SCBU / NICU it’s perfect to wrap around your baby when they are out of the incubator / cot for feeding or cuddles. This is why I designed the cape with a hood. My husband & I didn’t feel comfortable pulling a hat onto our sons head mainly because he was so tiny and he looked so delicate,  also the hat would never stay on for longer than a minute! Having a  Dinki Cape means that once the cape is around baby and the hood is up you can relax, knowing they aren’t losing the heat from their head.

When your baby is being well looked after in hospital the least you want to do is dress them in something that fits and looks gorgeous as well as being practical for the wonderful nurses looking after them.

We wish you and your new addition all the best and hope you find the site original and informative.

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