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Premature Baby Clothes from Dinki Dreams

premature baby clothesDinki Dreams provides perfect premature baby clothes for your early or pre-term baby. Designed with IV tubes, monitor attachments and comfort in mind and if your preemie or tiny baby is in an incubator.

My son was born weighing 3 lb 14oz and being unprepared for such a small baby I struggled to find tiny baby clothes small enough to fit a premature baby.

My Dream

That’s when my dream of Dinki Dreams began.

I didn’t want other mums and dads to have to go through the rigmarole I did in trying to find baby clothes that were small enough and that provided ease of dressing as well as products that were real quality. Most that I could find (the chain stores and online shops seemed to think preemie clothes were an afterthought) were poor quality and just didn’t allow IV and PICC access. They were poor quality and looked extremely uncomfortable for baby.

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premature baby clothingWith help from NICU / SCBU nurses, sizes and designs were created. I hired a top French designer and the best U.K based manufacturer I could find after extensive searching. The clothes HAD to be top quality with comfort for baby a top priority. They are all made from 100% super-soft cotton.

The beautiful tiny clothes open at the arms and legs making life so much easier when dressing or changing baby. They also allow you, as a parent, much easier access to your baby from the incubator. Cuddles are a possibility and I know just how important that is!

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Most Popular Clothing Items

Since we started our clothing range the most popular items so far have been the Cosy Bag , Dinki Cape and Crossover Suit. I’ve had some lovely feedback from customers thanking us for designing clothes that, although only seem suited for hospital only, have actually been constantly used after going home as well.

The Cosy Bag

premature baby sleeping bagI was desperate for a cosy bag when my son was born. The ones I had bought in preparation of his arrival were as you can imagine far too big. The cosy bag is just brilliant for those moments you are out and about with baby and don’t want to disturb the cosiness when needing to feed or move from the pram to the cot if asleep.

My son, being so small, was completely lost in the regular style bags. I knew I had to introduce my own design into the range. Perfect for the winter months.

During the process of designing the range I wanted to provide something that made cuddling your tiny one hassle free. The first thing my husband and I were told in the SCBU was to always have a hat on our son when taking him out of the incubator because a large amount of heat is lost from the head.

Being so small it is vitally important that baby is kept warm. I know first hand how delicate my son was and lifting him out of his incubator and cot was always a bit of an ordeal because his hat would never stay on long enough for us to have a proper cuddle. I think you will agree that it is nerve-wracking handling a newborn with wires and tubes attached to them, trying to get into a position to feed or cuddle close enough to their bed without over pulling the attachments then trying to gently pull baby’s little hat down one handed all becomes awkward.

very small baby clothesThe Dinki Cape

To solve this I came up with the idea of the Dinki Cape. The hood is attached to a wrap around blanket, so when you take your bundle of joy out of his cot his head will stay warm with the rest of his body.

The nurses that helped test our range found the cape to be their number one item because of its practicality.

All our range is made with baby and parent in mind. This starts with the practicality of the garment and ends with the quality. Our range is made from 100% cotton double layered at the front for extra warmth. To add some style there is a choice of soft colours.


Dinki Suits

The Dinki suits have poppers on the arms and legs to make it easier to dress baby without fiddling with wires & tubes. Our helpful SCBU nurses were over the moon with this idea. They found it more comfortable for baby to simply lay on the Dinki suit and be dressed without the disturbance of disconnecting wires in order to feed their arms/legs through holes.

So, there you have some of our favourite clothes from the range. They are practical, well made and comfortable for baby.

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